Reymond Gutierrez – Las Vegas, Nevada

I had an amazing experience with the program. Got the chance to learn and know what to expect in the industry I’m interested in working in.. Working with a follow filmmaker and great assistance with the academic facilitator

Josh Chacko – Arlington, Washington

I got great movie recommendations that gave me many creative influences. My mentor gave constructive feedback on my script. I learned about how to work on a film set and collaborate with other art departments. I enjoyed my experience with Film Connection.

Miranda Bellio – Newton, Massachusetts

The curriculum offered a fantastic jumping off point for me and my mentor to dig deep into any and everything filmmaking!

Peyton Ericson – Cincinnati, Ohio

Working hands on with my mentor and getting the opportunity to work on film sets so quickly was an insanely enriching experience!

Richard Lee Ballengee III – Virginia Beach, Virginia

I learned alot and gained more confidence as a student in this program

Ryan Renolds – League City, Texas

This was fun interactive program that I am glad I enrolled in. If you really like movies and how things are made then I recommend that you give them a chance.

Lane Spencer – Denton, Texas

Great experience! The mentors And school explain and help you through whatever problem you are trying to tackle. With workshops and in person experience you do everything you are looking forward into doing for this program. The online courses help a lot too with going into more detail of what you are trying to accomplish. Great program!

Zavion Cowell – Des Moines, IA

I really enjoyed this experience and I learned so much along the way. My mentor has helped me by explaining his own experience and giving me a lot of input on it as well. I learned how to create a movie script and show my imagination on paper. I really loved this program and would recommend to anyone wanting to become a director.

William Lavoie – Waxhaw, NC

I like how everything was done and provided, very well communicated and straight forward to the point. Every lesson was effective and tests were easy to understand and get a grasp of. I also liked how everything was organized and planned around my scheduling.

Zac Adams – Nashville, TN

If you want to be a filmmaker, be a filmmaker. Simple as that: make movies. There’s nothing stopping you. There’s no excuses nowadays.

Wes Cobb about Jaclyn Bueker – Charlotte, NC

By week six, I was allowing her to edit some of my biggest clients’ videos that involved 11 to 14 camera shoots

William Christopher Dorn – Felton, CA

The film connection for me is raw, un-cut, and to-the-point. In a minimalistic way, it can be easy to take for granted, all that this program offers. What I got from this program is that open door of opportunity. Film connection takes you right up to that door without pushing you through it, letting you take your own steps, in whatever direction you want. Working with my mentor was also a pleasure not only for the great advice but for de-mystifying the 'film industry professional' caricature us small town folks have.

Yaw Acheampong – Houston, TX

The RRFC program has been very helpful to me as far as understanding all the functional areas of production. I specialized in Cinematography, so my mentor did a great job of helping me understand the proper lighting techniques, and what it takes to effectively tell a story with all the different camera and lighting techniques. I feel more confident today with my understanding of all the various processes and stages of production, thanks to the RFC program.

Yannick Morgan – San Diego, CA

I enjoyed the process of learning about the film industry and business, film connections made it really easy to follow the course instructions. I enjoyed doing the quizzes and course reviews.

Zoe Elise Freedman – Delray Beach, FL

My experience at film connection was amazing! I got to work on set on a movie production, meet different actors and actresses, and work a variety of different areas in the industry. Having master classes with Kevin Sharply was the best and helped me learn so much more about editing as well as the film industry as a whole. My experience has been great and I have learned so much and plan to keep on learning more.