Adipurush Movie Review (2023)

“Adipurush” is a new Indian mythological action-fantasy that attempts to captivate audiences with its adaptation of The Ramayana, focusing on the rescue of Sita by the arrow-slinging god Raghava, also known as Ram. However, entering the theater with minimal expectations can be challenging due to the baggage associated with the film’s leading star, Prabhas, renowned for his role in “Baahubali.”

Controversies surrounding the appearance of Lankesh and the casting of Kriti Sanon as Sita further add to the preconceived notions and real-life politics intertwined with the movie.

A Disappointing Visual Experience

The rough computer graphics in “Adipurush” become a major hindrance to enjoying the film. The abundance of poorly executed green-screen compositing gives the impression of a cheap and uninspired production. The first hour or more feels interminable due to the lackluster special effects.

Even in a packed theater, the initial excitement of Prabhas’ fans quickly wanes as they are presented with subpar visuals that fail to engage the audience.

The Marvel Effect and Visual Inconsistencies

The disappointing visual effects in “Adipurush” can be better understood in light of recent complaints from Marvel’s visual effects studios. Despite the massive budget allocated to the film, key scenes like the romantic encounter between Janaki and Raghava, surrounded by poorly-rendered pink flamingos, lack the necessary impact.

The musical numbers also suffer from an overall lack of dynamism, with character movements only serving to highlight the subpar computer graphics reminiscent of video game cut scenes.

Derivative Elements and Dramatic Flatness

“Adipurush” incorporates elements that feel derivative, reminiscent of popular franchises such as “Game of Thrones,” “Lord of the Rings,” and even Rajamouli’s own “Baahubali.” The presence of the simian god Bajrang, borrowing heavily from the motion-capture-focused “Planet of the Apes” movies, adds to the sense of unoriginality.

However, these borrowed elements become secondary concerns when faced with the movie’s dramatically flat-footed presentation. Only during the climax, with the grand showdown between Raghava, Lankesh, and their armies, does the film display moments of heightened tension.

The Saving Grace of the Climactic Battles

Director Om Raut’s previous film, “Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior,” showcased his ability to deliver compelling battle scenes. Similarly, the climactic battles in “Adipurush” provide some hope for viewers.

Although the film still suffers from rough visuals and graceless execution, the narrow focus and slow-motion sequences generate some much-needed dramatic tension. These concluding scenes offer glimpses of what the movie could have been if it had maintained this level of intensity throughout.

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“Adipurush” ultimately falls short of its grand ambition. The film’s visually underwhelming spectacle and unpolished execution overshadow the potentially engaging story of The Ramayana. The burden of distracting associations, controversies, and derivative elements further hampers the overall viewing experience.

Despite a few redeeming moments during the climactic battles, the movie fails to deliver the grandeur and quality expected from a mega-production. In the end, “Adipurush” remains an opportunity lost, leaving audiences unsatisfied and yearning for a more polished and captivating cinematic experience.

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