Hellbender Movie Review

Hellbender, the latest offering from the talented Adams family, is a captivating and confident addition to the DIY horror genre. Written, directed, and acted by the family themselves, this surreal and must-see film showcases their growing strength as performers and storytellers. 

With its dark punk rock undertones and unexpected twists, Hellbender proves that the Adams family is pushing the boundaries of the genre in exciting ways.

A Captivating Performance

Zelda Adams delivers a standout performance as Izzy, a young woman raised in isolation by her mother, played by Toby Poser. Izzy’s longing for freedom and self-discovery is palpable, as she rebels against her mother’s protective nature. 

Zelda’s portrayal of Izzy captures the emotional depth and vulnerability of a teenager yearning to break free, while also conveying her fierce spirit and determination. It’s evident that Zelda Adams has immense talent, and her performance in Hellbender showcases her range and potential as an actress.

Unveiling a Mother-Daughter Dynamic

The first half of Hellbender explores the complex and religiously tinged relationship between Izzy and her mother, drawing parallels to classic films like “Carrie.” 

However, just when you think you have the narrative figured out, the Adams family takes a bold turn. Embracing their darker, punk rock side, the film ventures into surreal and unexpected territory. This shift adds depth and intrigue to the story, creating a unique viewing experience that keeps audiences engaged throughout.

A DIY Film with a Unique Voice

What sets the work of the Adams family apart from other DIY filmmakers is their ability to transcend mere imitation. While they clearly have a deep understanding of the horror genre, they infuse their films with a distinctive voice and vision. 

Hellbender fits into the legacy of “witch horror” but feels fresh and original, bearing the unmistakable stamp of the Adams family’s creativity. Their commitment to authentic storytelling and their willingness to take risks is commendable.

Surreal Imagery and Grounded Performances

As Hellbender delves deeper into its narrative, the film becomes more surreal, offering a visual feast of occult imagery and unconventional scenes. This progression is balanced by Zelda Adams’ grounded performance as Izzy, grounding the film and enhancing its coming-of-age elements. The Adams family finds an effective harmony between the outlandish and the relatable, resulting in a truly immersive experience.

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Hellbender is a shining example of the DIY horror genre, made even more impressive by the fact that it is a collaborative effort by the Adams family. 

With their growing prowess as performers and their ability to craft unique narratives, the Adams family continues to leave their mark on the genre. 

Hellbender not only fits into the legacy of “witch horror” but also stands out as a film that could only have been made by this talented family. 

Their dedication to their craft and their willingness to push boundaries make them a force to be reckoned with. One can only hope that the Adams family ventures into the woods once again, bringing us more captivating and unforgettable cinematic experiences.

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