Hostile Movie Review

Hostile, written and directed by Mathieu Turi, is an intriguing post-apocalyptic film that seamlessly blends elements of drama, horror, and romance. Clocking in at 83 minutes, this feature-length debut showcases Turi’s talent as a filmmaker. With a unique story set in a world filled with flesh-hungry creatures, Hostile captivates viewers with its intense visuals and engaging performances.

A Multi-Layered Story

Hostile presents a multi-layered narrative that combines post-apocalyptic horror with a dramatic exploration of love and survival. The film follows the journey of Juliette, played brilliantly by Brittany Ashworth, a resilient survivor who scours the wasteland for supplies. 

Flashbacks to her previous life reveal the transformation she undergoes, shaped by her encounters with the suave and sophisticated Jack, portrayed by Grégory Fitoussi. These two narratives intertwine, creating a story that is both haunting and emotionally resonant.

Visually Intense Creatures

One of the highlights of Hostile is the visually stunning portrayal of the zombies. Created by Jean-Christophe Spadaccini, these creatures are a chilling blend of genderless emaciated humanoids and extraterrestrial vampires. 

Their unique design adds a visual intensity to the film, injecting thrills into the narrative. Without this creative vision, Hostile could have been a simple tale of a woman trapped in a van, but the inclusion of these creatures elevates the film and adds a layer of horror.

Brittany Ashworth’s Compelling Performance

Brittany Ashworth delivers a compelling performance as Juliette, carrying the weight of the entire film on her shoulders. In her portrayal of Juliette’s former self, Ashworth masterfully captures the character’s cautiousness, distrust, and hardened nature. Her flashbacks depict a woman struggling to survive on the harsh streets of New York City. 

In the present, Juliette emerges as a hardened survivor, driven by determination and resilience. Ashworth’s ability to seamlessly transition between these two roles adds depth and impact to the story.

The Charismatic Jack

Grégory Fitoussi’s portrayal of Jack, the catalyst for Juliette’s transformation, is flawless. Jack’s refined and charismatic demeanor provides the motivation behind Juliette’s newfound drive to live. 

Fitoussi’s performance as a sophisticated man searching for something more than material possessions and shallow relationships adds warmth and depth to the narrative. His chemistry with Ashworth enhances the emotional resonance of the film.

A Tale of Fate

Hostile is ultimately a tale of fate, exploring how our past shapes our present and influences our relationships. The film underscores the idea that survival in a post-apocalyptic world requires hostility, paralleling the challenges faced in life and love. 

Hostile skillfully weaves together flashbacks to real-life drama with the horrors of the present, resulting in a haunting and unique story. The film’s intriguing conclusion leaves a lasting impression on viewers.

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With its gripping storyline, intense visuals, and stellar performances, Hostile is a captivating post-apocalyptic film that defies categorization. Mathieu Turi’s feature-length debut showcases his talent as a filmmaker, while Brittany Ashworth’s remarkable portrayal of Juliette anchors the narrative. 

The inclusion of visually striking creatures adds a chilling element to the film, while Grégory Fitoussi’s charismatic performance as Jack infuses the story with warmth. 

Hostile is a haunting tale of survival and love that will leave audiences enthralled.

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