The Terminal List Review

Amazon Prime has found success with action-packed narratives, and “The Terminal List” is another addition to their lineup. Starring Chris Pratt and based on a novel by Jack Carr, the series follows a Navy SEAL seeking revenge after a mission gone wrong. 

While the long-form format promised depth and development, the show ultimately falls short of delivering a compelling story. Directed with little flair by Antoine Fuqua, “The Terminal List” offers predictable plotlines, one-dimensional characters, and excessive violence that hampers its potential.

Lackluster Storytelling and Predictable Plot

“The Terminal List” suffers from a tired and uninspired storyline. Pratt portrays James Reece, a Navy SEAL haunted by the death of his platoon. Convinced of a conspiracy, Reece embarks on a violent mission to avenge his fallen comrades. 

Unfortunately, the show’s long-form format does little to enhance the narrative. Spread across eight episodes, the plot becomes drawn-out and tedious, failing to engage the audience or offer any surprises. The lack of originality and reliance on clichéd action tropes make the series feel like a forgettable direct-to-DVD movie.

Mediocre Direction and Unexciting Action: 

Antoine Fuqua’s direction in “The Terminal List” is disappointingly pedestrian. Known for his work on “Training Day,” Fuqua fails to inject the series with any visual flair or excitement. The action sequences are formulaic, with Reece dispatching enemies like a video game character on a mission. The show’s violence, at times, becomes gratuitous and lacks consideration for the potential consequences on innocent lives. Fuqua’s uninspired direction contributes to the overall flatness and unexciting nature of the series.

Chris Pratt’s Lackluster Performance

Chris Pratt, known for his charismatic performances in movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy,” delivers a lackluster portrayal of James Reece. Pratt’s performance feels lazy and devoid of energy, as if he’s simply going through the motions. 

His character lacks depth and fails to resonate with the audience. Pratt’s comedic timing, which made him a standout in other roles, is absent in “The Terminal List,” leaving his character one-dimensional and uninteresting. It’s a missed opportunity for Pratt to showcase his range as an actor.

Underutilized Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in “The Terminal List” is wasted on underdeveloped and unconvincing characters. Constance Wu’s portrayal of an exposition-spouting journalist feels unconvincing, while Jai Courtney’s role as a cartoonishly evil tech villain lacks nuance. 

Taylor Kitsch’s quippy soldier friend and Riley Keough’s thankless role as Reece’s wife offer little substance. Jeanne Tripplehorn stands out as the secretary of state, bringing some much-needed vitality to the show. 

However, the overall lack of compelling characters further contributes to the series’ shortcomings.

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“The Terminal List” fails to break free from the formulaic mold of action-packed dramas, ultimately resulting in a lackluster viewing experience. 

The series, despite its promising long-form format, falls victim to predictable storytelling, unexciting action sequences, and one-dimensional characters. 

Chris Pratt’s lackluster performance adds to the disappointment, as his once-vibrant presence feels muted and uninspired. 

While there may be an audience for this type of content, those seeking a fresh and engaging narrative will likely find “The Terminal List” to be a forgettable addition to Amazon Prime’s action catalog. It’s a series that can be easily crossed off the watchlist without missing out on much.

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