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Among your film school choices in Missouri, the Missouri Film Connection is the only one that can actually help you launch your career. What is our secret? Instead of sticking you in a classroom with a bunch of other students, we place you in a real film production company as an extern, where a seasoned film professional will train you one-on-one. You’ll get real work experience as you take your classes on-the-job and on the set, and you’ll meet lots of industry people whom you could never meet in a college or trade school classroom.

Whether your dream is to be a cinematographer, film editor, director, producer or screenwriter, we have mentors that specialize in these fields and can give you personalized training you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to launch your own production company in Missouri one day, or whether you want to break into the Hollywood film industry, the Missouri Film Connection has the connections to help you make it happen!

Externship Locations in Missouri

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Learn Film Production Close to Home with a Missouri Film Industry Insider

You don’t have to start your film career by moving to Los Angeles and getting lost in the throng of film industry wannabes. You can start getting connected to the business now, right here in Missouri! Don’t believe us? Well, since this is the “Show Me” state, let’s “show you” a list of just a few major films and television productions that have been shot on location in Missouri: The Lucky Ones (2008), Winter’s Bone (2010), Switched at Birth (TV series, 2011-present), Johnson Family Vacation (2004), Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (1990), Up In the Air (2009), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Gone Girl (2014)

On top of all that, there is plenty of local production activity going on in Missouri on a regular basis, not to mention a thriving independent film scene with dozens of film festivals happening throughout the state each year. There are plenty of opportunities to get connected to the film business in Missouri, and the Missouri Film Connection can help you make the most of those opportunities where other film schools can’t.

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Picture this: instead of going to class each day at some college or trade school campus, you attend class on-the-job at a real production facility. Instead of competing with other students for the attention of some teacher who probably has no connection to the film industry, you receive one-on-one, private instruction from a filmmaker who actually works in the business. Instead of waiting until you graduate to start trying to pound on the doors, you work INSIDE the industry from the first day of your training to the last, so by the time you graduate, you’re already an insider! This is the true advantage of our training program: we get you in the door long before your competition arrives, and by the time they start sending in their applications (if you’ve worked hard and made the most of the opportunities), your application is already at the top of the pile. If your dream is to break into Hollywood, your mentor can even structure your course to guide you through the steps of developing your own film, and then we’ll arrange for you to pitch that film in front of actual Hollywood executives!

What about the cost? Other film schools charge so much for their programs that you’re practically forced into taking on crippling amounts of debt. Not with the Missouri Film Connection. Our unique on-the-job training program costs up to 75% LESS than the other guys charge, so you can focus on your career and not on your debts.

If you’re serious about starting a career in film, you need to be where the action is happening—and that’s exactly where we’ll put you. If you’re ready to get started, APPLY TODAY to find out more!



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"I had an amazing experience with the program. Got the chance to learn and know what to expect in the industry I'm interested in working in.. Working with a follow…"

Reymond Gutierrez – Las Vegas, Nevada

"I got great movie recommendations that gave me many creative influences. My mentor gave constructive feedback on my script. I learned about how to work on a film set and…"

Josh Chacko – Arlington, Washington

"The curriculum offered a fantastic jumping off point for me and my mentor to dig deep into any and everything filmmaking!"

Miranda Bellio – Newton, Massachusetts

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